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Presentation of the latest advances from the European Commission relating to the new regulation 165/2014

With this page, we communicating to you the latest advances relating to the regulation. In fact, many points remain under negotiation and will give rise to upcoming updates of the European regulations and its Annex 1C.

Last minute !

New French driver cards were manufactured by CHRONOSERVICES from June 5, 2019 and will be distributed during the week of June 10, 2019.


French and Germany don’t agree with the 15-year deadline to renewing all tachographs. The subject is still under discussion even if this deadline appears in the new regulation.


CMR (roadmap) where is the shipment, should be dematerialized (ICMR). It will make it possible to know at a distance what the shipment is, and therefore to trigger or not appropriate intervention measures.


Since March 31, 2018, the eCall system has been installed in all new light vehicle’s (LV). Thanks to a shock detector (accelerometer, hardened system, …) it allows automatic calling of the platform 112. The 112 can intervene directly from the sensor. This system should be extended to heavy weight vehicles. This widening will be mentioned in the law on mobility which is being studied.


The trailer should be "canise". This allow the weight to be returned to the axle via the tachograph. This should result in a third version of Annex 1C.


Border crossing: this point had been removed by the eastern countries in 2016. But the French and Germans asked to put back this border crossing alert.Technical problem because the alert should be entered in the legal file V1C, in the same way as driving without a card. But frequent border crossings will weight down this V1C file. It may be compressed to overcome the size problem.


The border crossing alert, scheduled for 2021, should allow to know in which country a posted worker is located. With the possibility of making a pay slip with working time in France for example (Position Of Workers).

Let's talk about that

  • Official CO2 declaration to come with a debits / credits system. It will allow a harmonization of the algorithm and put an "official" physical sensor in place of the only current software calculation. The news would come back through the tachograph.
  • Germany is testing the descent of the equipment obligation threshold in tachograph to 2.8T instead of 3.5T. France should then test.
  • With the new DSRC system, the tachograph could be used for the ecotax.