What is it ?

From June 15, 2019, a new European regulation requires new registered freight and passenger vehicles to be equipped with smart tachographs. New driver cards are also released.

Am I concerned by the annex 1C ?

If I register a new vehicle transporting goods of more than 3.5 tons or people over 9 seats from 15/06/2019 : I am concerned.

If one of my employees uses a driver card issued from 15/06/2019: I am concerned.

What does it change ?

The smart tachograph can no longer be read by my current downloading hardware. I can not collect and archive data from new tachographs and new driver cards. I need to exchange or update my hardware. I need to update my archiving software.



The main changes related to this new regulation from June 15, 2019

  • The arrival of the smart tachograph, with the following features:
    • Strong and secure data encryption. Learn more ...
    • A satellite positioning module to raise the position of the vehicle. Learn more ...
    • A communication module allowing the authorities to control the vehicle from a distance without stopping it. Learn more ...
    • A GRPD function allowing the driver to manage his personal data. Learn more ...
    • But also ... Learn more ...
  • The new driver cards. Learn more ...
  • Replacement or updating of all downloading hardware. Learn more ...
  • Updating all your legal data archiving software. Learn more ...

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Registered by month in th EU



In circulation at the end of 2017



Road and passenger drivers at the end of 2017


June 15th

End of the old tachographs

Understand the Annex 1C


You will find in our FAQ the answers to all the questions you may have about Annex 1C.

Bus, Car, camion

This is an asset that can reduce costs, save time and set functions to the company's own requirements.

Christophe Mathieu, Continental Product Manager VDO 2018

No. Only new driver cards used on second generation tachographs will provide a C1C data. And only second generation tachographs will provide a V1C data. For others case, you will continue to keep the archive C1B data for drivers et V1B data for vehicles.
It is a communicating tachograph, equipped with new devices and having these specifications:
  • It’s safer and allows a better encryption of data
  • It allows to respect the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • It allows the authorities to control remotely, vehicle in motion, some data from the tachograph
  • It records the geolocated positions of the driver and the vehicle
  • An interface allowing the change of information with third party applications (ITS / STI)

We are informing you of the latest developments regarding this new regulation.
Indeed, many points remain in negotiation and will give rise to the next updates of the European regulation and its annex 1C.

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