The Annex 1C in details

Annex 1C presented in detail

EU Regulation No. 165/2014 on the tachograph in road transport amends the original regulation n ° 561/2006.
EU Regulation No. 2016/799, as amended by EU Regulation No. 2018/502, implements this new Regulation 165/2014. They lay down the technical provisions to implement, as well as the date of entry into force of this new regulation as of June 15, 2019.
We summarize here the measures that seemed to us the most impacting in this new regulation.
For detailed information, please refer to our official texts page.
A glossary is at the bottom of the page for the understanding of different abbreviations.

Equipment on vehicles subject to smart chronotachographs

Regulation (EU) 165/2014 imposes a smart VU.

Regulation (EU) 2018/502 makes this regulation compulsory from 15 June 2019.

Vehicles that will be registered for the first time on or after June 15, 2019, must be equipped with smart Chronotachographs. 2018-502 - L 85/1.3

Those VUs will be connected to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). 2018-502 - L 85/1.1


Enhanced and secure data encryption, learn more

When downloading information from the VU, it will be possible to know the generation of the tachograph (2nd generation or earlier).

The time will be set automatically every 12 hours by the GNSS receiver (or as soon as there is a valid signal provided by the GNSS receiver), or during calibration. 2018-502 - L 85/8.17

The VU will have a normal validity period of 15 years (at the actual date of the certificate). It will be possible to use it for another 3 months only to download information. 2018-502 - L 85/5.3

In order to guarantee the certification of tachograph seals, the new safety standard for mechanical seals will be applied. 2018-502 - L 85/2.10

The purpose of system security is to protect memory to prevent unauthorized access. 2018-502 - L 85/5.4


A communication module to record the position of the vehicle, read more:

The mass memory of the vehicle records the places of departure and arrival of the work periods, and / or the 3 hours of accumulated driving. 2018-502 - L 85/4.d.fff

The VU records and stores:

  • the instantaneous speed of the vehicle;
  • the date and time corresponding to each second of the last 24 hours during which the vehicle was in motion.

2018-502 - L 85/7.14

This storage will be done using a metric that can not be reset, there can be no confusion with the uninterrupted driving time. (This time is calculated by a metric fulfilling another function). 2018-502 - L 85/1.4 and 2018-502 - L 85/


A communication module allowing the authorities to remote control the vehicle without stopping it, read more:

In order to facilitate targeted roadside checks by competent inspection authorities, VUs are able to communicate when the vehicle is in motion. The control can be done at the roadside, or from a mobile vehicle.

The supervisory authorities use a remote tachograph interrogation equipment for early detection purposes, the DSRC. 2016-799 - L 139/450.1

This communication will be secure and only on request issued by the equipment of the authorities in charge of control. 165-2014 - L 60/8.Article 9

These VUs will be connected to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). 2018-502 - L 85/1.1

The module can be integrated into the VU or into several elements in the vehicle. 2018-502 - L 85/1.5

Pour l’utilisateur la présentation extérieure reste la même.

The data exchanged are used for the only purpose of verifying compliance with the regulations. 165-2014 - L 60/9.Article 9.5

These data are kept during the check and must be deleted at the latest 3 hours after the end of the check. 165-2014 - L 60/9.Article 6

The remote communication control result does not prevent the supervisory authorities from carrying out random checks. 165-2014 - L 60/9.Article 9.8


GRDP function asking the driver if he agrees or not to share personal data, learn more.

The external device connected to the interface has access to personal data including geolocation only after obtaining the true consent of the driver. 165-2014 - L 60/9.Article 10.c

The driver's agreement may be activated or deactivated at any time in the VU drop-down menu provided that the driver card is inserted. 2018-502 - L 85/8

When the vehicle's ignition is in the "ON" position, data is transmitted continuously. 2018-502 - L 85/8

The consent does not apply to transfers of vehicle data or remote downloads, as this case is controlled by the right of access of the company card. The driver must ensure that this processing of personal data is compliant. 2018-502 - L 85/7

It is the responsibility of the transport companies to inform drivers of the possibility of remote communication for control purposes. 165-2014 - L 60/9.Article 9.7


But also :

ITS interface (Intelligent Transport System). The control device may also be equipped with standardized interfaces for use by an external device, in operational mode or "calibration", of data recorded or produced by the tachograph. A standardized interface has therefore been developed for these data exchanges. This interface is optional and not yet implemented on smart tachographs in service.


Arrival of new cards for drivers, learn more

Drivers with a first-generation card will be able to continue using it in first-generation VUs and second-generation VUs. 2016-799 - L 139/12

Drivers who have a second generation card will also be able to use the first or second generation VUs with the same card. 2016-799 - L 139/12

The second generation cards will be issued during the renewal.

First-generation cards may be rendered illegible by the control workshop. In this case the drivers must have a second generation driver card. 2016-799 - L 139/40 3.14.1

If a driver card bearing the same card number and the same renewal index, but a higher replacement index, has already been inserted into the VU, the card is declared unusable. 2016-799 - L 139/22 3.1.16

Replacement or updating of all downloading hardware. Learn more

Specifically, the application of Annex 1C entails a modification of the current legal files DDD.

This means that from June 15, 2019, you must be able to collect new files from your new tachographs and / or new driver cards.

If you do not collect this collection in accordance with the new regulations, you can be controlled for failure to download.

There is a direct impact on ALL your materials:

  • Card reading devices will continue to read data from the old 1B standard but will not be able to interpret the data from the new 1C standard. You will therefore continue to archive the 1B format and not the new right format.
  • VU reading materials can not be used with new smart tachographs.

It is prudent to contact your hardware vendor to see what solution they offer to help you in this migration. Two solutions will be proposed depending on the age of your equipment: the update or replacement.

SOGESTMATIC and TG2S distribute their own materials but also rely on several partners. As such, we can advise you on this material part, and study with you any solution. We also offer on this site several materials compatible with the new regulations.

At SOGESTMATIC and TG2S, all the updates will be free for the customers under maintenance contract: update and service.

The following compatibilities are known:


  • T2S AXALTO: The product must be replaced; contact us
  • T2S EFT930: The product must be replaced; contact us
  • T2S VX520: The product must be replaced; contact us


  • CARBU TD2 et CARBU TD4: The product must be replaced; contact us
  • TM401 et TM402: The product must be replaced; contact us


  • Old DLK I and DLK II: the product must be replaced by the latest model DLK PRO S
  • DLK PRO: an update can be applied. Requires an updated card
  • DLD 1: the product must be replaced by the latest DLD 2 model
  • DLD 2: the product must be updated remotely; contact us
  • DLT 1: the product must be replaced by the latest DLT PRO model
  • DLT PRO: the product must be updated; contact us


  • DigiVu & DigiVu +: the product needs to be updated; contact us
  • DigiDL: the product must be updated remotely; contact us


  • D-BOX2: The product with a version less than 3.0 must be replaced by the latest model
  • D-BOX2: Product with version 3.0 or higher needs to be updated.

The update of all archiving software. Learn more

Specifically, the application of Annex 1C entails a modification of the current DDD legal files. This means that from June 15, 2019, you must be able to archive new files from your new tachographs and / or new driver cards in the new regulatory format.

If you do not perform this new legal archiving, you can be controlled for failure to archive.

It should be noted that several measures have not yet reached the European level (see our news page). This means that future updates will be made to your software.

It is therefore prudent to subscribe now to a software maintenance contract if you do not have one. This ensures you next free updates from your editor.

Although very heavy in development, SOGESTMATIC and TG2S have made the decision not to charge their customers under maintenance contract. If you are a customer, you must have received an email or a letter informing you of this new regulation and the action to take. Our companies thus mark their expertise and the quality of their after-sales service.

Regarding the update of your software, if it has not already been done, you will be contacted soon to benefit from the update of your ARCHITAC and TACHOGEST license.

If you are not yet a customer with us, take advantage of our current promotions as part of this change of legislation to join a team of professionals, have 37 years of experience, and as efficient before as after the sale.



VU: On-board Vehicle Unit: the tachograph without the motion sensor and its connection cables

GNSS: Global Navigation Satellite System: satellite positioning system. In the European Union, the GALILEO and EGNOS systems are used.

UTC: Universal Coordinated Time

GRDP: General Regulation on Data Protection; European regulation n ° 2016/679 in force since May 25, 2018 protecting the use of personal data

DSRC: Dedicated Short Range Communication = Remote Early Detection Device. Wireless device allowing authorities to control some tachograph information remotely

ITS: Intelligent Transport System : standardized interface for data exchange between the tachograph and third-party applications